meet the photographer

My name is Avni Nijhawan and I am a natural light photographer, filmmaker, and a storyteller. I believe in the power of a photograph to preserve a legacy and capture a moment in time like no other medium. I also believe we have a responsibility to pass on our personal stories— a tradition that is being totally transformed today by video. 

At the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, I was fortunate enough to have been closely mentored by some of the best in the business as I earned my master's degree and refined my eye and my technique in both photography and filmmaking. I am also lucky to have been able to pass on my knowledge as a lecturer at the Sorbonne and at Berkeley, and have had my photographic work featured and sold at the Mobile Camera Club in Paris.

If you’re ready to realize your own beauty, create a strong online presence, or preserve your legacy for a lifetime in photos or video, you’ve come to the right place.

-- Avni Nijhawan

Email or call 408-616-0724 for more information

Studio located at 3485 Monroe Street, Santa Clara, California